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To promote his novels, part of a planned six book "Genesis of Oblivion" saga, Drake is on the road 100 days a year. He is sorry so many people have yet to know him. For the past five years, he has driven and flown coast to coast to meet Adidas Training Pants Junior

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Through it all, Drake continued writing stories, a hobby he has loved since childhood.

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Drake developed his first writing class so that he could offer to teach in return for a break on rental costs and travel expenses associated with book promotion. His goal in classes was not Adidas Black Pants With Black Stripes

3, 2013. 3, 2013. 3, 2013. 3, 2013. 3, 2013. 3, 2013. 3, 2013. 3, 2013. (David Becker/Las Vegas Review Journal)

"Lots of people teach writing classes, but Drake is actually writing for a living."

Kristine Segura, Centennial Hills Library's adult services librarian, says Drake's classes draw 40 to 50 students each month. He appears regularly at the Vegas Valley Book Festival and other local writing conferences. He believes his dislike of school "probably" was related to his mild dyslexia, though he has never been officially diagnosed.

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"I wrote my first novel at 12," he says, "and continued writing, mostly for my friends and family, even after high school."

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Nike Jacket For Women

Two years ago, when Drake was scheduled Nike Jacket For Women to teach eight hours of writing classes at San Diego's Comic Con International, he received an email: "I want to take your classes, but who are you?"

Drake's first class was well received. So were his second and third classes, the results of experience mixed with copious research. Student Carlos Perez of Las Vegas says Drake as a teacher "tells us the rules, but lets us find our own way.

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Fifteen years ago, he met and married his wife, Joy, the woman he says he can't imagine life without.

potential fans.

Drake had written eight unpublished novels before moving to Las Vegas with Joy, and their children, Maxwell and Alexander, in 2007. Drake came west because his grandparents and mother had retired here. Drake had grown up with his grandparents; his mother was just 16 when Drake was born. His grandparents and his mother had owned successful McDonald's franchises on the East Coast.

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Drake is 44 and lives in North Las Vegas. He has written two published fantasy novels: "Farmers and "Mortals along with fantasy inspired e books, short stories and graphic novels.

Maxwell Alexander Drake has longer hair than most of the men and women he meets. He regularly dresses in cargo shorts and a T shirt. His stories take place in worlds where the supernatural is natural, names and places are fictitious, and characters in conflict include superheroes, villains and creatures terrifying and tender. He says writing fantasy gives him complete freedom as a storyteller.

UNLV student Jacob Mason met Drake through a Comic Con International writing class. Mason is a business major who aims to design video games. He attends repeat Drake classes "so I learn through repetition."

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to talk like a professor or to spend an hour promoting his own books. He wanted to relate to students and impart useful information. Then, if students liked his classes, maybe they'd be interested in his books.

Drake, a Dungeons fan who always loved fantasy video games and storytelling, graduated from high school and went to work where he could pursue his information technology interests. He married, owned a couple of businesses, divorced and worked for a large corporation. Adidas Hoodies Kids

´╗┐Fantasy author finds eager market for his popular writing classes

Drake now has 14 different writing classes. Subjects include "Plot Structure: Building the Foundation to a Page Turning Story" and "eBooks 101." In Las Vegas, he's entering his fourth year of teaching monthly writing classes at the Centennial Hills Library.

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